“Creating Optimism” Book

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A proven, 7-step approach to beating depression and anxiety

Research has indicated that human beings’ natural inclination is toward optimism. So why are so many of us so unhappy? In this powerful self-healing guide, psychologist Bob Murray and therapist Alicia Fortinberry draw upon the latest findings in neurobiology, psychiatry, and evolutionary biology to reveal how the psychological and physical stresses of modern life overwhelm our natural healing mechanisms and foster depression and anxiety by separating us from what truly makes us human.

More important, in Creating Optimism, you’ll discover a revolutionary seven-step program for overcoming depression and anxiety that has proven far more effective than more traditional methods. Based on their more than two decades of research and practice, Murray and Fortinberry challenge the conventional wisdom that all psychological healing occurs from the inside-out, and explain how, by building healthier relationships with others, your body, nature, and spirituality, you can restructure neural pathways in your brain and promote new, healthier ways of thinking and behaving.

Armed with powerful charts, exercises, self-tests and action plans, you’ll:

  • Identify your dysfunctional thinking and behaviors
  • Use mind-body healing exercises techniques to restructure neural pathways in your brain and remove obstacles to your happiness
  • Build and maintain healthy relationships
  • Bind families, friends, and coworkers together in a healthy interconnectedness
  • See past the false values engendered by modern society and find lasting fulfillment in what really matters
  • Feel better about yourself and achieve more in your personal and professional life
  • Beat depression and anxiety–permanently
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“Raising an Optimistic Child” Book

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Protect your child from depression for life–without medication

The most precious gift you can give your child isn’t a generous trust fund or a top-notch education–it’s the resiliency and unwavering sense of optimism that allow a person to thrive no matter what challenges life sends their way. Yet researchers are finding that increasing numbers of very young children are at risk of depression. Now, in Raising an Optimistic Child, you’ll learn how to bring about lifelong happiness in your child–even as young as infants–and protect him or her from the pain and damage of depression.

Inspired by the authors’ two decades of pioneering work as well as recent findings in psychology, neurobiology, and genetics, Raising an Optimistic Child offers a seven-step, relationship-based program for alleviating or preventing childhood–and adult–depression that has proven more effective than controversial drug therapies and standard psychotherapeutic approaches. With the benefit of real-life stories of families who have experienced firsthand the results of their work, psychologist Bob Murray, Ph.D., and therapist Alicia Fortinberry arm you with the tools you need to:

  • Understand most common causes of childhood–and lifelong–depression
  • Spot the early signs of depression–even in very young children
  • Prevent your own depression from infecting your child
  • Enhance your child’s learning and coping skills
  • Foster good body image and avoid eating disorders in your child
  • Deal with ADD/ADHD and difficult behaviors without drugs