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Dr Alicia Fortinberry

Dr Bob Murray and Dr Alicia Fortinberry are internationally recognized experts in creating optimism and overcoming depression. They are passionate about each person’s ability to join with others in creating healing, supportive relationships and create lives full of joy and meaning.

Best-selling authors, gifted trainers and dynamic speakers, they have appeared on national television, taught at major universities and consulted for Fortune 500 companies.

Authors of the best-selling books Raising an Optimistic Child (McGraw-Hill, 2006) and Creating Optimism (McGraw-Hill, 2004), Bob Murray and Alicia Fortinberry have been teaching thousands of people their innovative, successful relationship-based philosophy for over 20 years.

As originators of the Fortinberry Murray Method, Bob and Alicia have trained health professionals at major universities and teaching hospitals, including:

Dr Bob Murray

Duke University Medical Center,Tufts University Medical Center, JFK University and the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. They have spoken at national professional conferences and associations ranging from the Association for Humanistic Psychology to the National Council on Alcoholism.

They work for multinational companies and government organizations on culture change, leadership and strategy implentation . They name PwC, Ernst & Young, Oracle, Ford, PepsiCo, Macquarie Bank, KPMG, Wesfarmers and many international law firms among their many clients.

Widely sought after as experts on depression, stress, PTSD, and mind-body approaches such as Feldenkrais, they are regularly quoted in newspapers and featured on radio and TV, including ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. Both Bob and Alicia have had distinguished careers as writers, and are joint authors of many articles on depression, relationships and popular psychology.

Both native New Yorkers, they divide their time between the US, Asia, Europe and Australia.